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Crysis 2 Videos & Pre Release Info.

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Crysis 2 Vidz

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January 12, 2013 NEWS

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{FWE}'s Current News

Game Servers Up & Running

Battlefield BFBC2: {FWE} CLan -> Can-O-WooPaZZ!!!
Crysis Wars: Free Weapons Enjoy (USA)
Team Fortress 2:{FWE} CLan -> Can-O-WooPaZZ!!!

Team Fortress 2

{FWE} Clan will host a Team Fortress 2 Server for more information follow this link Team Fortress 2 Info

We now play and own a server that is 24/7 in the Team Fortress 2 realms. If you are interested in getting to know us we have a TS3 server / Forums / and of course the web sites.

Reporting Hackers

Please notify us of any hackers you may have encountered during your gaming sessions. We try our best in keeping the game fair and in doing so we need your help! To report a hacker REPORT HERE. Please read directions in how to report a hacker at this link.

Interested in {FWE} Clan?

Go to our forum and register with us and this is the first step. Then you have to be able to voice chat. We like to speak with our players and see what type of player and person you are.{FWE}APPLY

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January 12,2013 NEWS Page 2

Team Speak 3

Team Speak 3 beta 3.0.0-Beta 35 Voice Activation Issues?
  • Link to Help: Team Speak 3 Beta 3.0.0 Help

    SSM Mod

    {FWE} Free Weapons Enjoy USA Crysis Wars Gaming Community and Computer Support Forum. Due to holes in the SSM mod all Chat Commands have been removed on the Crysis Wars Server.

    Nvidia Triple

    Recent features: ATI, Nvidia setups for Panoramic View, New links added to compare Hardware prices etc.

    Team Speak 3

    Team Speak 3 supports and setup, and {FWE} is opening a new server Battle Field Bad Company 2. New Gallery added in the forums as well. Visit our forums{FWE}FORUMS.

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